Anne Sophie Mortensen – Wedding Planner Assistent

Anne Sophie came to the Canary Island in August last year as an intern in Commerce Management. She is a young 23 year old woman, fluent in both Danish and English.

Her curiosity and interest in experiencing other cultures combined with the love of the Spanish culture and scenery was how she decided to come to Gran Canaria.

Her vast knowledge of marketing combined with her savvy IT skills made her perfect for the internship – however, her love of romance and the satisfaction of helping people accomplish their biggest dreams, is what made her love her job as a wedding planner!


“This 8 months internship has been an adventure of a lifetime. I have had the best time, living on this island and I’ve gained so much experience. It has really given me a chance to learn more about myself and my personal skills. There has been room for improvement and the internship has allowed me to bring my own ideas to live. Being a part of creating the perfect wedding day for several couples has filled me with joy and absolute love for the job as a wedding planner. Every single wedding will always be in my memories, and the sight of pure love in the newlywed couple’s eyes, is something I will forever treasure. I am excited to be a part of many more wedding days.”